About Us


Are you having trouble in choosing the perfect outfit for your perfect evening? No to worry. Here, we are introducing the famous fashion house in India. Established in 2003 by Smt. Usha Rani Alahari, Usha Textile is one of the leading fashion houses to rely on with a blindfold on. A well-known and well-loved name, Usha Textile specialises in casual and fusion women apparels. The company owns and operates one and the only well-known brand ‘U’, which has already paved its way as a distinct identity holder. ‘U’ Brand has the perfect service for all age groups, from 16 to 60 and this quality defines the styling of Usha Textile. Today, Usha Textile has spread their reach in Tier I and Tier II cities of the whole South India. Not only that, Usha Textile has launched their dream project, e-commerce store NextSize.in. The 12 years of completing a successful journey in providing casual and fusion apparels for women, Usha Textile has embraced the beautiful thought– flaunt the inner you! They have introduced the definition of fashion in a whole new avatar and will continue changing the statement from time to time!


Do you breathe in fashion? Do the vibrancy and the culture of contemporary India run in your blood? If so, we have the perfect brand name which let you flaunt ‘the inner you.’ Founded by the Usha Textiles, ‘U’ brand are a well-known brand name and retail store in major South Indian cities which strives in to redefine the definition of fashion for women. Launched in 2003, ‘U’ is the name synonymous for casual and fusion wear. From Kurti to western tops and skirts, ‘U’ is the perfect name for blending in the fashion of Eastern and Western culture. But do not be mistaken in considering ‘U’ as just a women apparel store; it does provide you with different and unique accessories too. It does not matter whether you are just sweet sixteen or sixty, ‘U’ brand welcomes all women irrespective of their age group. ‘U’ is just not a name, it is a face; it is just not a brand, it is the style statement; and above all, it is just not a fashion house; it flaunts a beautiful thought inside– Fashion has no age!


We believe in constructing the roadmap. The roadmap of the perfect fashion, a fashion and style statement which has no age and no bar. Since 2003, we are leading the roadmap with efficiency but to go ahead, we must prepare for the future. We must be ready for the unseen tomorrow. And to that end, we are thriving to shape our vision mission and core values here.

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the guiding path of our roadmap in winning the fashion world by reconstructing the shape of the business and in order to continue achieving sustainable growth as always!

Our vision is to be India’s most preferred and leading fashion brand and to be focussed on passion and safety of our customers to create competitive advantages for them; and in doing so to always live up to our company values.

Our Mission

To start with the future tomorrow, we have mainly three missions to fulfil–

– To redefine the face of fashion in India.

–To create fashion for everyone, irrespective of their age and to serve our customers with efficiency and to provide them with the best fashion styles.

–To provide continuous opportunities for growth.

–To represent the rich contemporary culture of India

–To create unity, integrity and sense of passion within our community.


Our values work as the compass in the desert world of fashion which defines the roadmap.
Leadership: Be courageous to construct a better future.
Integrity: Maintain the unity and be real.
Passion: Be committed to customers by heart & considering them one of us.
Diversity: Be adaptive to the contemporary style of Indian culture.
Quality: Never compromising in quality of what we advertise.
Professionalism: We maintain the highest level of professionalism & ethics, always.
Sustainability: We always take a strong step in social responsibility and inclusive growth.

Accessories: With the contemporary Indian culture, we have the perfect matching accessories too.